Be Secure for America

Be Secure for America

The Fertilizer Institute, along with Agricultural Retailers Association, Association of American Plant Food Control Officials and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, is promoting the Be Secure Program in an effort to keep fertilizer products and agricultural chemicals from falling in to the hands of the wrong people. The “Be Aware for America” campaign, launched in 1997, was developed to make fertilizer distributors and dealers aware of the need to protect their product. This new campaign addresses ways to not only screen potential buyers, but also emphasizes safe storage and distribution of ammonium nitrate and agricultural chemicals.

“Be Secure for America” encourages us to evaluate facility security and reduce vulnerability to theft be assessing the following areas:

Perimeter Security Inspect your security (i.e. fencing/access gates) frequently to determine if they are in need of repair or if the fencing has been compromised as a result of forcible entry. Take appropriate action.
Locks Limit the access to your storage areas and know who has the keys. Ensure locks are tamper-resistant and are in working condition. Case hardened locks and chains are recommended.
Electrical Systems Ensure that security lighting and emergency security systems are in working condition.
Emergency Response Make sure fire department and local law enforcement agencies are familiar with your operation so that they can respond more effectively in the event of a fire.
Emergency Contacts At your facility entrance, post names and phone numbers of emergency personnel so that the information will be readily accessible in the event of an emergency or to report suspicious activities.
Inventory Periodically inventory the quantity of product you have on hand in order to recognize more quickly if a theft has occurred.
Containers Secure your rail, truck, and barge containers with cable seal locks when stored at your location.

Look for these signs that something may be amiss:

Stranger Unfamiliar to area or to you.
Doesn’t know much about farming/fertilizer.
Doesn’t answer questions about acreage, crops, soil composition, etc. in a specific, knowledgeable way.
Insistent about ammonium nitrate.
Will not consider other products you recommend, is only interested in ammonium nitrate.
Doesn’t want product delivered insists on taking product now. Asks for it in bags, not bulk.
Hesitates/hedges when asked for information, Name, address, signature, photo ID, etc.
Acts nervous.
Avoids eye contact. Seems jittery, uneasy, vague.
Pays in cash, won’t write a check or use credit. Has no credit account with you or other ag businesses in the area.
Call 1-800-800-3855