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Greetings to all from your director.  Well, planting season has arrived and as one grower told me the other day, there is not much incentive to plant anything.  He is just going to concentrate on his cows.  I know this is an isolated case and widespread planting will soon be in full swing, but there is some truth in what he said.  We have seen lots of row crop reduction with a move to chicken houses and more cows in recent years.  I assume this trend has improved cash flow for these growers.  We all know what a tenacious breed our growers are.  They have an uncanny ability to adapt and overcome in order to survive.

At this time we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.  There is widespread fear and uncertainty, but I am confident that we will survive this and move on.

Moving on to brighter things, our ACMA Summer Meeting is just around the corner.  This year it will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Orange Beach, AL, June 17, 18 &19.  We are attaching a registration form to this newsletter for your convenience.  I hope to see many of you there.  We have a very timely and informative program scheduled.

Thanks for all you do for Alabama Agriculture!

Joe Bryan

ACMA Executive Director