About ACMA

Alabama Crop Management Association

Mission Statement

ACMA provides an organization that strives to promote Alabama agriculture through strong cooperation and communication between government, private industry, and the universities. Emphasis is placed on education and issues facing Alabama agriculture, be they regulatory, agronomic, or political that affect our members. ACMA recognizes that national issues impact on a local and state level. ACMA through its members will represent state agribusiness interests on national issues.


The objectives or purposes of this association are as follows:

  • Foster, develop and promote research and education in the use of plant foods and agricultural chemicals and other agricultural inputs.
  • Promote and aid in more efficient crop, livestock and forestry production.
  • Operate as an educational organization dedicated to keeping its members informed on current agricultural legislation, practices and programs.
  • Promote and cooperate with environmentally sound agricultural programs and agencies in the proper use of plant foods, plant protection chemicals and other agricultural inputs.

Projects and Activities

  • Bi-Annual Agri-Dealer Legislative Conference in Washington D.C.
  • Annual and Summer Meetings
  • AG in the Classroom
  • Auburn University Agronomy Club
  • AU Soil Judging Team
  • 4-H Club Plant and Soil Demonstrations
  • Dealer Workshops
  • Model Sites (in association with TVA)
  • Certified Crop Advisor Training
  • AG Scholarships
  • Monitor Agricultural Legislation (local, state, and national)
  • Quarterly Newsletter

Overview of ACMA

The Alabama Crop Management Association was incorporated as a non-profit organization under Alabama law in January 1995. Forward thinking individuals from the former Alabama Agricultural Chemical Association and the Alabama Soil Fertility Society saw the need to join together to meet the ever changing and more complex issues facing agriculture in Alabama and the nation. Form this need a new organization has been formed to meet the challenges.

ACMA Administration

The Association’s business is conducted by a Board of Directors made up of a slate of officers and board members elected by the membership at its annual meeting. The Board’s Executive Director manages day-to-day affairs and correspondence for the Association. The Board is assisted by a group of industry, regulatory, and academic personnel who have expertise in areas the board requires assistance. The advisors serve on a volunteer basis. The Board meets at the annual and summer meetings and on call of the president.